Committing against a workitem in VSTS

The detailed steps for creating a workitem in VSTS and committing against it in Git version control system are provided below :-
  1. First of all you need to create a work item (a User Story currently but you can create any work item like a task, bug etc.) in VSTS for that open VSTS website and go to its work tab => click on the iteration in which you want to add work item (iterarion 1 in my case) => click on new to open add dialog => Enter title for the user story and click on "Add" to create the user story (for reference see the below image, here I have already created 2 stories).

  2. Now double click the story that you want to add against a commit. The details view of that user story opens up. Copy the id of that user story from the details view (the ID of a user story is highlighted in the below image).

  3. Now in Visual Studio go to Changes view in Team Explorer window => stage the changes that you want to commit => enter a comment => click on the "+" button corresponding to the "Related Work Items" heading (for reference see the below image) => Add dialog will appear now paste the id of the user story that you copied in the previous step => Click on "Add" button to add the work item in the list, you can add more than one work item in a similar manner.

  4. After adding the work item(s) commit and push the changes to the server.

  5. Now to check the commits against a work item again go to the VSTS website and open the details view of the user story as explained in earlier steps => refresh the details view to get the latest info => Now under the "Development" section you would see the list of commits against that user story (for reference see the below image).

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