Using async - await in different scenarios

While using asynchronous programming you might come across different scenarios. A few of those are explained here briefly.

async & await in C#

"async" and "await" are language level constructs in C# used for asynchronous programming. Keywords "async" and "await" and types Task and Task<T> together constitute the task based async model in .NET.

as and is in C#

These keywords are used in scenarios where there is compatible type conversion or we need to check for type compatibility.

Collate in SQL Server

Collate specifies the set of rules that are used during various comparisons, sorting etc. For example it specifies whether the comparisons should be case sensitive or not etc.

KoGrid with server side paging, sorting and filtering

Here is the code for implementing server side paging, sorting and filtering in koGrid (a.k.a. knockout grid). To see how to implement lazy loading in koGrid follow the link.

Committing against a workitem in VSTS

The detailed steps for creating a workitem in VSTS and committing against it in Git version control system are provided below :-